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Appeals must be received in writing on or before 28 days from the date of the alleged offence. Any appeal received outside this period will automatically be rejected. A rejection Letter will be sent outlining reason for rejection.

All appeals must be submitted through the on-line form located on click on Airport or and click on parking.

An appeal must outline the reason for the appeal clearly. It must clearly state the name, address and contact number of the appellant. All appeals will be automatically rejected if documentary evidence is not included with the appeal. Any correspondence in relation to an appeal will be posted to the Registered Owner of the vehicle as provided by the Department of Transport, unless otherwise requested in writing by the registered owner. If an appellant does not receive a letter of decision, the onus is on the person who appealed the Fixed Charge Notice to make contact with the relevant authorities. daa and/or its contractors cannot take responsibility for non-delivery of post.

Only the following appeals will be considered.

Appeals for Disabled Parking Offences will only be considered where an original valid disabled badge is submitted with the appeal. The disabled badge must be valid for the time the alleged offence was committed.

Appeals for Invalid Permits will only be considered where the appellant has submitted a completed application form with full payment to daa prior to the alleged offence being committed and that the permit applied for covers the location and time for which the Fixed Charge Notice was issued.

Where a vehicle has broken down - Please submit with your appeal a letter from the Garage and Tow-Away company (if applicable) confirming the dates the vehicle was repaired/towed and copies of all receipts in relation to the tow/repair.

Where the vehicle has been reported stolen: Please submit a copy of the report made to the Gardaí reporting the theft of the motor vehicle that covers the time of the alleged offence.

Where permission was granted to park by a member of the Airport Police or other daa staff member: Please submit the details of the person who gave permission including the date, time and details of the circumstances under which permission was given.

Medical emergency: Please submit the details of the medical incident and if the Airport Police attended or were made aware of the incident.

An appeal received for any other reason or offence will automatically be rejected.

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